It’s no secret that Kunoichi finds its dominant base in the toy and games industry. Our focus is children’s entertainment. We work hard at playtime. With 2011 New York Toy Fair approaching in February, lets take a moment to look back on the best toys and games of 2010. If we were unwrapping presents or raiding the toy aisle, what would we have grabbed up?

NERF N-Strike Stampede

Since the creation of Nerf, there have been few names as despised by moms and loved by dads. At least, that’s how it was in my house. What better way to let out stress than a war of whizzing foam darts and balls? Sure, a vase or two were casualty, but violence is much more palatable when it bounces or sticks to smooth surfaces. Holidays and birthdays yielded ball poppers and Nerf bow and arrows. The N-Strike Stampede is the kind of Nerf gun my dad would have bought to ambush my brother and I.  This beast has a shield, reloadable cartridge, and dead-on aim. Moms, hide your vases.

As a side note, a few years ago Nerf started offering a tremendous array of additional weaponry outside of guns. Check your toy aisle for shields, maces, katanas, and broad swords.

See you at Toy Fair!


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