Advertising Age has posted an interesting article regarding the difficulty of marketing yet another summer box office filled with superhero movies. The article discusses problems including properties with low audience awareness, individual identity amongst increasing quantity, and just a slew of bad movies. The example given of genre audience overload is Rogue Pictures’ Skyline which failed to reach the substantial numbers District 9 hit in 2009.

Newsflash, AdAge, the need here is the same as with any studio summer tent pole release. The problem of identity is one suffered by films of any genre, brands of any kind. If Green Lantern, Thor, and Captain America are any good, there will be something to latch onto and dangle for the audience. If not, Jonah Hex or Catwoman it is.

Oh yeah, and Skyline didn’t do District 9 numbers because it wasn’t produced by Peter Jackson, went without review due to studio wishes, and carried poor word of mouth.

Check out AdAge’s article here.



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