Josh Fritz

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Kunoichi, LLC., the Chicago-based innovator in branding, entertainment marketing, Interactive/mobile, and video/animation services, bids farewell to longtime mainstay Josh Fritz.

Beginning his Kunoichi career in 2006, Josh Fritz quickly became pivotal to Chicago-based account and production teams as Senior Creative Manager. In his role, Josh supervised and ideated projects small and large for clients Hasbro and New Balance. Josh’s affinity for toys and games positioned him as a key player in product development and consumer goods packaging projects.

At Marbles: The Brain Store, Josh will spearhead the conceptualization of new product lines as Director of Product Development. Marbles, an Illinois-based manufacturer and retailer of educational and learning-oriented toys and games, seeks an expansion of their product categories from an industry savvy leader.

“I’ve loved my time at Kunoichi,” says Josh Fritz, “particularly the opportunity to work with such an exceptional team. Kunoichi provided the invaluable creative industry experience I will continue to expand as I move on to Marbles.”

“Watching Josh exit stage left will certainly be emotional,” says Kunoichi’s Director of Creative and Interactive Services Brian Torney, “but it is wonderful to see an all star of Josh’s caliber continue his career in exciting new directions. He will succeed there beyond anyone’s expectations. Josh has been a formative influence upon the next generation of Kunoichi leadership. I can’t wait to see our rising stars take up the reins.”

Keep your eyes on Kunoichi for more upcoming announcements!


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